Kako-t vs Commercial Chocolate Drink

Intake of flavanols, a subgroup of dietary polyphenols present in many fruits and vegetables, may be associated with health benefits, particularly with reducing the risk of coronary diseases. Cacao is rich in flavanol monomers, oligomers, and polymers (procyanidins).

The amount and integrity of procyanidins often suffer in the manufacturing of chocolate, chiefly due to oxidation and alkalinization. Furthermore, the in vivo antioxidant activity of chocolate and the absorption into the blood-stream of epicatechin is also inhibited during the manafacturing process of chocolate. It is said that milk is a compound known to influence antioxidant capacity in serum. Therefore, The antioxidant effect of cacao is potentially attenuated in the serum if ingested in combination with milk.

If the flavanol content of chocolate is accepted to be a key determinant of health benefits, then continued monitoring of flavanol levels in commercially available chocolate products may be essential for consumer assurance.

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